Wayra UK Africa Road Trip 2017

As part of Wayra UK’s continuing efforts to open up our networks to any entrepreneur with a great business idea, we’ve been reaching out to the African tech ecosystem to learn more about how we can work together with African start-ups.

In this wide-ranging video, Wayra UK Director Gary Stewart talks to stakeholders and start-up founders in South Africa and Nigeria about the challenges facing Africa’s digital sector, and how external parties can help overcome those obstacles and enable companies to reach global markets and scale.

With Africa’s population expected to grow by nearly 500 million people by 2030, the opportunity for tech companies to expand in the continent is huge. However, black people represent less than 2% of the workforce for many of the world’s largest tech companies, and African tech talent remains a resource that has been largely untapped by major corporates to date.

As well as being one of the UK’s best acceleration programmes, Wayra UK has been a leading advocate of diversity in the country’s tech sector. In addition to supporting numerous events and initiatives that promote diversity and break down barriers preventing different groups from becoming involved in tech, Wayra has opened up accelerators across the UK to ensure that entrepreneurs across the country have access to our networks of customers, partners, investors and coaches. Over 45% of companies accelerated by Wayra in the last two years have at least one female founder, a figure well above the industry average.

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