The Wayra Call is a cross-industry call for any start-up developing innovative digital products, services and technologies that can shape the world we live in.

We are looking for start-ups that are ready to join our academy and reach their full potential. The Call is open until October 9 - apply now!

Successful applicants receive investment and acceleration services including office space in our Central London academy, and access to our world-class networks of partners, mentors, investors and coaches.


If you have a business or an idea that uses technology to solve problems, Wayra is your place to make it grow.


60 global strategic partnerships enhance opportunities for start-ups

Our investor network

Wayra’s comprehensive network of investors helps scale your business

Wayra’s investment

Our acceleration programme could provide funding up to $50,000


Our coaches provide in-depth, practical business advice


Significant professional development through our ongoing masterclasses

Telefónica business development

Access to Telefónica’s global customer base of 300m customers, across 17 countries

Dedicated mentors

Helpful guidance to our start-ups throughout their acceleration


Individual meetings and one-on-ones to help start-ups reach the next level

Office Space

The stylish academy is the perfect location to grow a business


Total start-ups accelerated

Third-party investment raised

Total valuation of Wayra UK companies

Start-up trials/contracts with Telefónica

Jobs created


Number of our start-ups with female founders


  • You must be a tech start-up. Not a lifestyle business or SME.
  • We invest anywhere UP to Pre-Series A, though we rarely invest in ideas or start-ups without a minimum viable product.
  • We want start-ups that can go on to conquer the world, even if focused locally at present. We need a global mindset.
  • We look for disruptive ideas, technology and business models that can radically change the way we think about a market. We are not looking for incremental improvements.
  • We do look for things that do have fit with our parent company, Telefónica. Do some research as to what this might be and think creatively.
  • That said, you do not have to have a direct link with telecoms – we want to see the best start-ups first and foremost!
  • Most importantly, we look for passionate, smart, talented teams of entrepreneurs who we believe can go and execute to an exceptional standard.

Wayra Call Companies

Watch: Wayra UK’s new Air Street facility!


Call closed for 2017

For any questions, please contact us.