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Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) is a proven and cost effective evidence based secondary prevention programme, which is offered to patients who have suffered a cardiac event or undergone heart surgery. CR is proven to reduce a patient’s five-year mortality by 27% and hospital readmissions by 40%, yet only 14-44% of eligible patients receive this life saving treatment. The current model of CR delivery is out-dated and does not lend itself to scale.

TickerFit’s technology enables healthcare providers to deliver chronic disease rehabilitation programmes remotely, thus allowing them to scale programmes to many more patients cost effectively. TickerFit personalised interventions put the patient at the centre of their recovery journey to drive positive behaviour change. Positive outcomes are optimised by identifying early, those that are in need of support and by providing communication channels for direct intervention where required. For payers, this ensures that resources are focused on what matters allowing for scaled delivery of services and driving reduced readmissions.

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