Incubapps is an application development platform in the Cloud, helping unskilled users to create, launch and manage mobile utility apps connected to IoT easily and effortless.

The problem. Who will build your mobile utility app? Smart entrepreneurs with great ideas face a key decision when thinking on their utility apps. Building them from scratch, by hiring skilled programmers or using do-it-yourself (DiY) online services. DiY are limited due to lack of: a) native functionality, b) customization and c) support and guidance. Hiring talented developers becomes a time- consuming, costly and skill-requiring process.

We want to revolutionize mobile utility applications development community by automating code writing and standardizing processes from scratch to finish, filling the gap between limited do-it-yourself online services and costly hiring of skilled programmers, reducing the application development cycle, in terms of time, skills and efforts in coding and debugging, adding connectors to
integrate mobile utility apps with IFTTT, and providing a complete, reliable hosting solution for the apps.

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