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The Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator, a partnership between Transport Systems Catapult and Wayra UK, is designed to attract disruptive start-ups with high-growth potential into the UK transport supply chain, while helping them grow into world-leading companies.
The programme will support two cohorts of six companies a year, based in Milton Keynes. It is supported by global technology consultancy ThoughtWorks and national railway infrastructure operator Network Rail, as well as Telefónica Smart Steps, the arm of Telefónica that is using data to help cities take a smarter approach to population flows and movement.
The programme is the first in the UK to cover the full range of areas related to Intelligent Mobility. Its goal is to develop companies who will develop data-driven solutions for the most pressing transport problems facing the world today, improving day-to-day life for millions of commuters while creating new UK-based industry leaders in the £900bn global transport systems market.
Businesses accepted to the programme will receive a six-month support programme, providing office space, mentoring and networking.
The successful start-ups will also get access to the partners’ networks of investors, government agencies, customers, large corporates and universities, as well as opportunities to work with the TSC’s world-leading Data, Visualisation, Customer Experience and Connected and Autonomous Vehicle capability teams.

What is Intelligent Mobility?

Global transport systems are entering a period of radical change, driven by rapid technological advances in wireless communications, AI, alternative power trains, open data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise in autonomous systems.
Customer attitudes, expectations and behaviours are shifting rapidly in response. Resources – whether for skilled people or finance – are increasingly pressed, infrastructure capacity is constrained and systems are becoming more complex and inter-connected.
There is also significant pressure to reduce emissions and improve environmental outcomes.
Intelligent Mobility (IM) will drive a radical overhaul of transport systems to redefine the future of transport. The UK is ideally positioned to take advantage and be at the forefront of this momentous new global market. 
The IM Accelerator is focused on unlocking these opportunities and seeks to capitalise on this opportunity by catalysing those innovative businesses who will bring about the disruptive, challenging products and services of the future to unlock this potential and bring about this change. 
With our partners, we want to create a world-leading transport accelerator that helps start-ups scale into global players.

Intelligent Mobility

Areas of Interest

The IM Accelerator will invest in and accelerate start-ups tackling intelligent mobility challenges across selected focus areas:

Transport data and analysis: digital solutions for public mobility

Digital solutions to enhance the end-to-end customer experience, including:

– multi-modal transport solutions: enhancing customer journeys via integrated journey planning, and translating data into recommendations and outcomes
– IOT technologies to measure public transport usage and encourage real-time shifts in transport mode use, via direct traveller engagement
– Use of blockchain in the transport of goods and people – Solutions to collect, centralise and measure air pollution – including emissions modelling
– Technologies to measure cycling and walking (such as connected devices)
– Enable solutions to be modelled, optimised and visualised through computer-driven AI and deep learning

Customer experience: health and active transport solutions

– Journey planning solutions for cyclists and pedestrians to avoid polluted areas
– Optimise car journeys to minimise air pollution in certain areas, ideally including dynamic route planning to maximise the benefits, and intelligent fuel source changes based on points of interest
– Information about air quality, safety and journey experience in the urban realm
– Enable disruptive business models (Mobility as a Service) to change and influence commuting and travel behaviour and unlock opportunities in virtual and sustainable travel, whilst improving health and wealth – and aligning with environmental goals
– Optimising multi-modal journies
– Privately-owned public transport solutions
– Transport solutions around major events, such as sporting occasions or music concerts

Automation and autonomy - connected and autonomous vehicles

– Improve the safety and efficiency of connected vehicles, including through dynamic route allocations based on real-time incident management tools
– Solutions to predict the traffic base on connected vehicles, using data collection and existing data sets
– Last-mile-freight solutions
– Digital infrastructure solutions and industrial applications for drones beyond line of sight
– Interaction with digital infrastructure
– Allow the emergency services to make use of autonomous and connected vehicles
– Commercial solutions for the validation and verification of autonomous systems, including AI
– Insurance for autonomous vehicles

Smart infrastructure and connectivity

– Improve cycling and walking smart infrastructures
– IOT solutions to public transport issues and future integrated transport planning
– Capacity management and increasing capacity through innovations in transport infrastructure
– Connected corridor planning – enabling or making use of high quality connectivity along the rail and road networks



One-on-one meetings help each start-up develop their businesses more quickly

Our investor network

Wayra’s investor network helps businesses scale

Technical expertise

Access to world-leading tech transport expertise via Telefónica Smart Steps, Network Rail, TSC and ThoughtWorks 

Office space

World-class facilities provide the perfect location for business growth


Significant skills development through our ongoing masterclasses

Dedicated mentors

Our mentor network provides helpful guidance throughout the acceleration process


Coaches provide in-depth special advice across different business aspects

Network access

Access to Telefónica and TSC’s local and global networks

Telefónica Big Data

Access to comprehensive datasets, such as Telefónica Smart Steps, to test solutions and validate ideas


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